Motivation in Small and Large Companies

Motivación en las pequeñas y grandes empresas

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Astrid Magaly Gelvez Duque
William Enrique Pérez Mora

Every company must carry out a certain type of motivation to contribute to the personal development of its employees. At present, we observe the importance of motivation in the performance of employment activities as an answer to the ability of incentives to channel the worker’s effort, energy and behavior, which help achieve not only the objective of an organization but also personal objectives. A company should integrate into its organizational management work motivation, which contributes to the welfare and satisfaction of its employees as a fundamental part of the organizational climate and business success. It is clear that a motivated worker, who works in an excellent organizational climate, and a company that appreciates in one way or another the functions performed by each one will always work satisfactorily and will fulfill the objectives of the company as such. Not all companies use motivational actions, in the same way, large companies tend to always generate economic rewards and career plans; small ones are more inclined towards personal recognition or often do not take it into account. The objective of this article is to present approaches to the importance of motivation, how influences the behavior and performance of people and how is carried out in small and large companies. The methodology used was through a review of the theoretical bases on topics related to motivation and organizational
climate, having as support the analysis of articles with the necessary relevance of how these influence the good performance of human talent.

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